ABOUT Northern Light Magic

Living far up in the arctic is special. We are closer to the seasons, we are closer to nature and the dancing northern lights in clear cold winter nights let us feel the magic of our universe.

In one of these romantic nights the idea for Northern Light Magic was born. We wanted to capture the magic within – for us, for others, who are enchanted by the Northern Lights and all, who can feel the magic of life`s miracles.

Our mission is to provide memories of miraculous moments and spread the magic of the northern lights either you have experienced it or are just dreaming of it.

Meet the Team !

Susanne Maj Kirchberger

Founder and CEO


Since I was a child (growing up in Greece and Germany), I was dreaming of living in the land of the polar bears and the northern lights.


In the year 2000, I took the “big step” and moved all the way up to Tromsø, the capitol of the northern lights. Since then Aurora Borealitis has seriously affected me.


Based in Tromsø I am training the northern light guides in the north of Norway, and do accompany our guests when hunting the northern lights. I love to be out under the northern skies. Every time I experience the northern lights I feel blessed that I can live up here and I feel touched by inspiration to design new products embellishing the northern lights.

Our photographers


Bjørnar G.Hansen

Northern lights


Jan Fredrik Frantzen



Martijn Vaarhorst


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